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Welcome to Smackass Gap, North Carolina!





Welcome to my home in Smackass Gap, North Carolina!  Although I’m a native of western North Carolina’s mountainous Clay County, I’d love to come and visit with you’uns anytime.

I’m available to entertain for all kinds of appearances and events, but only if you like to laugh and have a good time! It wouldn’t hurt if the fixin’s (that’s food to you foreigners!) was good, too.

Feel free to make yourself at home and have a look ’round my website. If you have any questions concernin’ anything on here, you can call, email or stop by my house just off Highway 64 West in Smackass Gap.














When the Saints Go Marchin' In

When Mabel, Miz Eudora’s “blamed ole sister-in-law” for whom she has little use, announces she’s taking over as Director of Music at First Church, Smackass, Miz Eudora stops at nearly nothing—including “jukin’, jivin’, movin’, groovin’, shakin’, rattlin’, rollin’, reelin’ and jiggin’” and being a centerfold—to stop Mabel. In the popular spirit of “goin’ green,” Miz Eudora heads to Savannah to call on the spirit of Saint Patrick, John Wesley and anyone else she can find, notwithstanding a host of the city’s most colorful characters and two busloads of those red-and-purple clad ladies from seven states, in her quest to “dispose of Mabel,” who is “nothin’ but a snake in the grass.” As if that isn’t enough, the pair treks to St. Olaf College in Minnesota to get the Lutherans to teach Mabel to sing. From “rollin’ in the aisles” to finding themselves “in a pickle,” there’s no lack for laughter where these two are concerned.

And beware: there’s nothing “in” about Miz Eudora’s “tongue-in-cheek” comments. She lays them out there for everyone to enjoy. Sit back, read, relax and enjoy—with a glass of “green” tea, of course—as you join Miz Eudora on this latest journey in “The Winsome Ways of Miz Eudora Rumph.” Oh, and for added enjoyment, you may want to have a fan handy.

One last bit of info, you will know where the next book, Volume 5, is headed once you read the last chapter of When the Saints Go Marchin’ In, and yes, there will be a trip there with all of Miz Eudora’s fans invited. Keep checking the website or join her e-mail newsletter for more information on that hopefully come fall.


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