Miz Eudora Rumph




Welcome to Smackass Gap, North Carolina!





Is there really a place named Smackass Gap?
Why, certainly! You can’t make up a name like that.

How did Smackass Gap get its name?

Now if I told you that, you wouldn’t need to read the book!

Are all those places in the books really there?
Well, duh! I didn’t just dream this stuff up!

Where do you find all your crazy stories?
I listen to all ya’ll. The best fiction is based on truth!

Will there be more Miz Eudora books?
Absolutely! There’s at least 8 escapades in all. Just you wait for the one in  Las Vegas and the one at the Sturgis Bike Rally. Now there’s a couple of real adventures! There’s even a Christmas Miz Eudora book in progress.

Can anyone go on the Miz Eudora tours?
Yes, unless your name is Mabel Toast Jarvis.

Is it true that you’re quite musical?
I sure am, as long as you have a piano. If you can hum it, I can play it. Just don’t ask me to play the spoons or the juice harp as that’s Mabel’s job. (By the way, don’t ask Mabel to sing whatever you do. She warbles and squawks worse than a turkey buzzard!)

Who’s that young man we see with you on stage sometimes?
That’s the author’s son, Jamie Purser. Ain’t he a cutie? But lay off, ladies. He got hitched on March 29, 2008 and his wife, Sarah, is a real sweetie. He’s been in front of audiences since the age of 3, so he’s a seasoned performer for all kinds of groups. His concerts consist of songs by Elvis, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, as well as Broadway and sacred favorites – whatever the audience wants.  Just ask if you ever want me to drag him along!
















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